“It has been said that gratitude is one of the most difficult emotions to express, especially when it is very deep. My appreciation of and respect for Denise as a spiritual coach and mentor is unparalleled.

When I first met Denise, I was concerned and confused regarding my personal relationships and choice of work (‘What am I doing?’, ‘What do I want?’, ‘Who am I?’), and was in need of guidance for how to understand myself and my life, as well as identify and move towards my goals for the future. Denise immediately showed me that exploring and cultivating my inner world was a first and vital step toward making positive changes in my outward life.

During our regular meetings, Denise introduced me to practical and profound tools I continue to use to explore my inner world, including the I-Ching, astrology and numerology, and meditative and reflective practices such as “the morning pages”. Working together, we were able to identify specific goals and practices for both my daily living (including dietary improvements, establishing meditative/reflective practices, etc) as well as personal and vocational goals to develop over my lifetime (‘What are my gifts and passions?’, ‘How can I look with positivity and creativity on my life?’)

It is clear to me that Denise has a very firm faith in the goodness of humanity and the benevolent nature of the world. She is a living example that we are here to learn about ourselves and become fully integrated persons, and in turn share our peace and fulfillment with others. Denise is intensely curious about life and holds deep compassion, patience, and goodwill for individuals and their personal development. I believe it is her profound reverence for the human experience which forms the bedrock of her practice as a coach and mentor.

When you meet Denise, you will see! Her compassion and joy is contagious and unyielding!”


“Denise came into my life more than 12 years ago, and I count myself so much the richer for knowing her. At a time when I felt lost, adrift and in crisis, she helped me find my mooring. I have consulted with her on matters of the heart, including a very difficult breakup and then marriage, as well as job changes and several physical moves (one clear across the country); each time I learned something from her that helped take me to the next place, a better place. Working with Denise has helped me grow to be more at peace with life as it is, and she has provided me with many tools to help discern the truth in each situation and the right way to respond to life’s more vexing challenges.

Denise is trustworthy; she has always held sacred the personal struggles and breakthroughs that I have brought to her.  Sometimes people who intend to help tend to dole out the same advice to all, but Denise is more intuitive; often I don’t know what her impression of things will be, but she explains her line of thinking with perfect clarity. She is an excellent listener and a deeply thoughtful, spiritual person who has gained wisdom from a life rich with reading and deep, character-forging experiences and challenges of her own. Perhaps even more importantly, she cares; and for me that has made all the difference.

We only go around once on this earth (as far as we know for sure), so if you are considering working with Denise as a coach, I highly recommend it. We all deserve to move forward in life, and helping people in this way is what Denise was born to do. Her coaching would be a fine gift to give yourself or someone you love.”

—Paula L.

“Working with you is exhilarating because you understand completely about destiny, calling, and those deep longings to contribute something. Through your work with my astrological and numerological charts, and your intuitive gifts, you help me clarify my passion. You are endlessly supportive, enthusiastic, and imaginative as we brainstorm about possibilities and chart my next steps toward living a more authentic life. Heartfelt thanks to you.”


“Denise has helped me whenever I felt lost, unsure or challenged… When I had important decisions to make — or when I was avoiding a tough decision because I was afraid to approach it, truthfully — she was there for me.  Anytime I was in anguish or filled with spiritual doubts I would reach out to her and each time “like a bridge over troubled waters”, she would stay with me until I once again crossed over to solid ground.

Denise really listens, and is genuinely concerned. She asks important questions. Her warm and ready sense of humor relaxes you. Her intelligence and spirituality challenges you to look deeper into the situations you are experiencing. Her comprehension of human nature and her vast knowledge of inspirational people and books are relevant and uplifting.

Denise has helped me recognize the beauty, wisdom, and truth that I possess and encourages me to use my gifts. She has shown me that my weaknesses are strengths, when rightly used. She has helped me to know and love my true self — and because of this, I am a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, coworker and (most importantly to me) a more faithful and grounded person in my spiritual life.

I would urge anyone to let Denise be their “Bridge over troubled waters”.”

—Ellie S.


I have known Denise Carrigg for 6 years.  While she was a business associate in the beginning and my sales rep at a publishing house, she quickly became a good friend also.

Not only did Denise handle my business account in an efficient and expedient manner, but she soon became a confidant that I could tell my deepest darkest secrets to.

It takes a special woman who can be a good listener and offer sound and compassionate advice without sounding preachy. Denise is a people person.  Her caring and warm heart invites everyone to share with her.  By sharing one’s feelings, two people become intimate and connected with one another.  They share a special bond that can last a life time.

Denise’s love and caring for others makes her a woman that everyone wants to be friends with.  I only wish didn’t live 2 states away!

— Donna L.