Recommended Reading

The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron
Describes the practice of “Morning Pages” and weekly “Artist’s Dates” — excellent tools/practices with which to keep in touch with your inner world and creativity — as well as a concrete help towards discovering and realizing your dreams.

Elegant Choices, Healing Choices, Marsha Sinetar
Written by a woman who has dedicated her life to understanding what constitutes authentic adult growth and development, She has interviewed and coached entrepreneurs, leaders, artists and people who have found their way to a high degree of integration and individuation. This book illustrates, through case studies and examples, the lives of ordinary people who have taken steps to discover and live their deepest gifts and talents.

To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love: the Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring, Marsha Sinetar
In this book, Marsha Sinetar describes the path of entrepreneurship as a particularly exciting way to live your own unique life on the cutting edge of reality — using risk as a spur to further unfoldment and self-expression — and as a way to keep discovering creative solutions for yourself and for others.

Love: an Inner Connection, Carol Anthony
A profound book about relationships — and a very subtle, astute, and practical guide to developing just and sensitive relationships with “the Other” and with everyone in your life.