I can help you ignite your process and move it up to the next level with excellent resources, feedback, suggestions, and helpful exercises. I have spent my life seeking wisdom and knowledge — and finding concrete ways to put what I am learning into practice. I have learned so many things in my life from intensive study and experience – and I would love to share them with you and help you manifest your authentic desires and dreams.

The type of coaching I offer is deep and transformative — focusing first on the inner self:  the soul, spirit, the inner life – it’s about tuning into the inner world and developing ways of deeper and deeper listening into the truth of your life. It’s about developing a transparent openness toward hearing and intuiting God’s will for you, and discerning your deepest gifts, longings, and soul needs/requirements.

At the time of your death, what do you know and/or sense that you must have done – or at least must have given everything to try to accomplish or bring to fruition in your life? What areas of human need call to you — and are, indeed, waiting for you, waiting for your particular unique presence, gifts, and contribution?

I can help you discern the answers to these questions — and together we can brainstorm some obvious first steps (and baby steps are totally Ok! — in fact, they are preferable).

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching with me, please contact me for a free introductory coaching session.