My Spirit-Centered Life Coaching clients are:

• Generally Positive and Upbeat

• Ready to change

• Determined

• Committed to working steadily on their own personal growth and development

• Interested in gaining self-knowledge and putting this knowledge into practice

• Prompted by a sense of urgency – a sense that there is something that they want and need to accomplish in this life (even if they are not yet exactly sure what it is) – as well as the distinct intuitive knowledge that there is a definite purpose to our time on earth – and that our allotted time here is actually quite short.

• Excited to have a supportive person standing by for them with encouragement and creative feedback… Someone who holds them accountable to their deep longing to find their own way to live an unique and inspiring life — a life that contributes to their own unfoldment through seeking ways to give of themselves, and be of service to others and to the world, by drawing on their deepest gifts and talents.