About Denise

Denise CarriggI’ve had an unusual life… I’ve had several different jobs in the blue collar and corporate sectors. I’ve driven a taxi in San Francisco; I’ve waited tables on Fisherman’s Wharf  and worked for over a decade as a senior sales rep for a major publishing house.

What I’ve learned from these different jobs – all of which involve working with the public in various ways – is that I love to be of help to people – especially one-on-one.    I love to help people with deep things, important things — with the things that truly matter. I’ve studied and read all of my adult life, and I feel a deep need to give out some of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained – and to be of help to people on a deep spiritual level.

My life has always been about meaning. I’ve spent years reading and studying philosophy and religion, literature, Jungian psychology — and studies in typology/temperament, personal transformation, and adult growth and development. I’ve read a lot and have thought a lot, and I strive to continually put my knowledge into practice so that it can become, hopefully, “knowledge of the heart.”

Throughout my life people have come up to me and spontaneously shared their problems with me, and their feelings and hopes.  This happens so often that I am no longer surprised by it.  For the past several years, I have felt a longing to be of deeper help to people.  As soon as I began to think seriously about how I could go about doing this, I ran across the idea of coaching.  This feels like a perfect fit for me and my deepest gifts.