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December 2012 Skies

December 16, 2012 by , under Tools and Practices.

So hard to clearly read the signs of the times…  The fiscal cliff, the Connecticut shootings, the supposed end to the Mayan calendar (or the end to a particular phase of it, of history…).

Are we in the end times, or are we approaching them?

And, if so, what to do about it?   How to prepare?

By intensifying our spiritual practice with increased prayer, meditation, contemplation, and spiritual reading. By simplifying our lives, and our lifestyles.  By reducing mental, emotional, psychic, and physical clutter.  By purifying our hearts.  And by fasting as a way to hear more deeply within and to reduce our over-dependence on things, habits, vices.

By taking long walks in nature, stretching, and lifting weights — putting effort into getting physically and fiscally fit — and (as much as possible) ready for anything.