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Interior Design for the Soul

January 19, 2012 by , under Tools and Practices.

Sometimes all it takes is another “eye”  — or even our own eye with a different type of glance 🙂 ….

While up visiting my mother for a week during Christmas, I felt inspired to help switch around some of her furniture for a more comfortable (and upbeat) look and feel to her space.

It all started with asking if I could bring some outdoor chairs in and up next to the fireplace.

This started a whole creative chain of events…

Once the chairs were in place, we found some nice cushions for them that matched the rest of the decor.

Then I noticed a cabinet that she had partially painted a bright yellow to match the dining room chairs she’d painted.  The shade of yellow seemed a bit sharp, so I asked if I could add some red to the cabinet.

I cannot go into the whole process, here, but what happened over the course of the week was a very refreshed space that only cost us about $35.00 out of pocket.  (We found a signature piece at a nearby antique store!)

But most of it involved using items that she already had — but just re-positioning them in new fresh ways.

Now she is very happy with her home and feels re-energized with many new ideas about how to make her space more fun for herself and a more accurate expression of who she is…