About Coaching

Are you looking to make positive changes in your life—career, relationships, lifestyle—maybe make changes in your home, your diet, personal fitness, or energy level?

Do you hunger for more meaning and purpose in your life? Would you like to feel more clear and confident?

Are you ready to make some changes, and could you use some support?

Or maybe you’re not quite ready to embrace change, and need someone to help you see more clearly what is holding you back from feeling fulfilled?

Would it help to have someone standing by to encourage you, help you determine what’s important, and hold you accountable as you explore the changes to your life that will really move things forward?

I know from personal experience that sometimes when we have a deep longing to do something different or want to take the risk of expressing more of who we are and what we deeply care about – that this can be unconsciously threatening to people who are too close to us or who think they know us better than we know ourselves. When we start making noises that we’re ready to grow and stretch beyond what we’ve done before and try something totally new, others can react by trying to shoot down our idea or by listing all of the reasons why it can’t possibly work.  Because our True Self is so sensitive, and these budding impulses/promptings that arise from deep within are so delicate, an untimely comment from someone we know can really hamper our forward movement.

What my coaching offers is a safe place in which to talk and examine your desire for change and for where you’d really like to grow in your life—privately and confidentially.  My goal is to help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles, and guide you through the process of change.  Unlike a friend or family member, I can ask powerful, insightful, and timely questions that bear no judgment on who you are or where you have been—my role is to provide the shoulder to lean on, and the support and feedback you need to move forward.  After our initial in-depth conversation, you will begin to sense for yourself what organic next step(s) you want to take to test out your new direction and to make it real. I will be with you all the way for as long as you need or want the help and support.

A gift to yourself…

Working with a coach is like giving a gift to yourself—allowing you to focus for a period of time on your own well-being.  In terms of my basic coaching philosophy and approach, I believe that we are spiritual beings and are in this world to grow and gain self-knowledge and self-awareness. Once we commit to this, everything else in our life begins to find its proper place. It doesn’t require hours and hours of daily effort. We can immediately begin to implement basic tools to help us grow and stay on track. Give yourself permission to sum up where you’ve been so far your life and where you want to go.

Listen to an interview of Denise by Robert Phoenix on his Friday Farcast radio show:

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